About Us

ETHWORLDWIDE is a rapidly growing organization in cryptocurrency mining field worldwide. Crypto Currency enables everyone to be their own bank! Faster, Cheaper and Borderless Transactions! A cryptocurrency (or crypto cash) is a medium of trade utilizing cryptography to secure the exchanges and control the transaction of extra units of the currency. Cryptocurrencies are a subset of monetary forms, or particularly of digital currencies. We have unique system of Bitcoin mining algorithm, that is an unquestionable preferred benefit of our service and gives an alternative solution to the individuals who need to begin mining Bitcoin. You no more need to purchase costly gear and invest energy in setting it up, now you have the option to use our system and get an every day benefit from mining cryptocurrency simple and safe. Go along with us today and experience the advantages of a solid and stable cloud mining.

In 2016, a ETHWORLDWIDE led by oak Robert was engaged in the study of the phenomenon of Bitcoin and development of new alternative cryptocurrency types. Our team includes the best specialists in economics, finance, trading as well as highly specialized technical experts. Some of them already have the necessary experience and previously were involved in the development of algorithms of cryptocurrency mining. Not having the necessary technical base, we started working with investors from the United Kingdom. For two years we have launched four data centers and repeatedly upgraded technical equipment, giving up graphics cards in favor of modern ASIC miners such as KnC Neptune, Bitmine.ch Avalon Clone 85GH and TerraHash DX Large. Currently our main facilities are located in London, Leeds, Thorlby and Gargrave. Today the company offers an advantageous placement of funds under trust management service with the ability to make a profit every hour and get back principal deposit at any time. You can join our numerous investors on the website. ETHWORLDWIDE is officially registered and conducts financing activities under existing UK legislation.